Ever wonder how to blog about population topics but feel a bit lost in numbers at times? “Demographics Revealed” is your new resource—nonpartisan and nontechnical—for understanding the concepts of demography.  This blog is a partnership between the Population Association of America (PAA); the professional association for demographers; and the Population Reference Bureau (PRB).

Population topics are important in many, many, arenas:  Is the U.S. birth rate really the lowest it has ever been? How are Hispanics actually “counted?”  How serious is the aging of our society and that of other wealthy countries? Those types of questions and more that have been abuzz in the news will be answered in this blog.

PRB has a long tradition of reaching out to nontechnical audiences with fundamental population data and tools, and we will do the same for you here. We hope you find “Demographics Revealed” useful, and please let others know about this blog.

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